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中国译协对外传布世预赛下注压注盘口 委员会中译英钻研会系列会商辞汇选登(17)

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1.    进入周全建成小康社会的决议性阶段  We have entered the decisive stage of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects; We have entered the decisive stage of achieving a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

2.    凝集气力,攻坚克难  pool our strength to overcome all difficulties

3.    世情、国情、党情 global, national and Party conditions

4.    加倍高昂无为,谨小慎微地任务  aim higher and work harder

5.       作出周全支配  adopt a comprehensive/an overall action plan

6.       作出整体支配  adopt steps for general implement-ation

7.    干系全局的严重题目  issues of underlying/ overarch-ing/overriding importance

8.    新情势下党的扶植  Party building in a new environ-ment/under new conditions

9.    综合国力大幅前进 China’s overall strength has grown considerably.

10.  生态文明扶植踏实睁开 Solid steps have been taken to promote ecological progress/raise ecological awareness.

11.  微观调控系统 system of macro-regulation

12.  衣食住行用前提较着改良 People’s need for daily necessities such as clothing, food, housing and transport is better met.

13.  乡村扶贫标准大幅度前进 Rural poverty line was raised by a big margin.

14.  政治系统体例鼎新 reform of the political structure; political structural reform

15.  下层民主不时成长  Community-level  democr-acy has steadily developed.

16.  文化扶植迈上新台阶  Development of the cultural sector has reached a new stage.

17.  文化系统体例鼎新周全推动  Comprehensive prog-ress has been made in the reform of the cultural system.

18.  国民精力文化糊口加倍丰硕多彩 People have richer intellectual pursuit and cultural entertainment.

19.  根基大众办事均等化水平较着前进  Access to basic public services has become much more equitable.

20.  收费任务教育周全完成  Free compulsory educ-ation is now available across the country.

21.  军事奋斗筹办不时深入 Military preparedness is enhanced.

22.  首创两岸干系战争成长新场合排场 usher in a new stage of peaceful growth of cross-Straits relations

23.  在国际事件中的代表性和话语权进一步增强 We have secured more representation and a greater say for China in international affairs.

24.  有益的国际环境  favorable international condi-tions/environment

25.  增强党的干队伍伍  strengthen the ranks of Party officials

26.  成长中不均衡、不调和、不延续题目仍然凸起 Unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable development remains a big/major/prominent problem.

27.  资本环境束缚加重  Resources and environ-mental constraints have become more serious.

28.  干系大众亲身好处的题目  problems affecting people’s immediate interests

29.  一些范畴悲观败北景象易发多发 Some sectors are prone to corruption and other misconduct/malpractices.

30.  反败北奋斗情势仍然严重 The fight against corruption remains a challenging task for us.

31.  克服一系列严重挑衅 successfully met major challenges

32.  国际场面地步风波变幻 We face a volatile intern-ational environment.

33.  精确掌握我国成长的阶段性特点 We have gained a good understanding of the essential/salient features of China’s development in the current stage.

34.  应答内部经济危险打击 defuse/stand external economic risks

35.  统统这些彰显了中国特点社会主义的庞大优胜性和壮大性命力 All this shows the superiority and vitality of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

36.  时期特点 the underlying trend of our times

37.  紧紧扭住经济扶植这其中间,对峙目不斜视搞扶植,同心专心一意谋成长 We must pursue economic development as the central task and concentrate on it with every determination.

38.  实行科教兴国、人才强国计谋 We must implement the strategies for making China strong by developing science and education and training competent personnel.

39.  周全落实经济扶植、政治扶植、文化扶植、社会扶植、生态文明扶植五位一体整体布局 We must fully implement the overall plan for promoting economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress.

40.  开辟出产成长、糊口敷裕、生态杰出的文明成长途径 expand the path of sound development that leads to increased production, prosperity and a good eco-system

41.  把兼顾兼顾作为落实学习成长观的底子方式 take a holistic/ integrated approach as the fundamental way of applying the Scientific Outlook on Development

42.  兼顾  balance/coordinate relations between

43.  对峙统统从现实动身 We should base our-selves on reality in everything we do.

44.  充实变更各方面的主动性 keep all parties fully motivated

45.  构成全部国民各展其长、各得其所而又协调相处的场合排场 to ensure that all people do their best, find their proper places in society and live in harmony

46.  束缚思惟、脚踏实地、与时俱进、求真务虚,是学习成长观最光鲜的精力本色 Freeing up the mind, seeking truth from facts, keeping up with the times and being realistic and pragmaticthese are the salient/essential features of the Scientific Outlook on Development.

47.  实际成长永无尽头,熟悉真谛永无尽头,实际创新永无尽头  There is no end to practice, to seeking truth, or to making theoretical innovation.

48.  掌握时期成长请求 respond to the call of the times

49.  摸索和掌握中国特点社会主义纪律  to explore and master laws governing socialism with Chinese characteristics

50.    历经含辛茹苦  endure untold hardships and sufferings

51.  首创活泼的新场合排场  create a dynamic new environ-ment in which...

52.  首创周全鼎新开放的新场合排场 usher in a new phase/open a new horizon in carrying out all-round reform and opening up

53.  加速生态文明扶植 promote ecological pro-gress; speed up ecological conservation; raise ecological awareness

54.  世预赛下注压注盘口既不走封锁僵化的老路,也不走改旗易帜的歧途 We reject both the old and rigid closed-door policy and any attempt to abandon socialism and take an erroneous path.

55.  慢慢完成全部国民配合敷裕  achieve pro-sperity for all over time/in due course

56.  它以全新的视线深入了对共产党在朝纪律的熟悉 It offers from new perspectives a deeper understanding of the laws of governance by the Communist Party.

57.  回覆了扶植甚么样的社会主义的底子题目 It has addressed the fundamental issue of what kind of socialism to build.

58.  中国特点社会主义是今世中国成长前进的底子标的目的 Socialism with Chinese characteristics is what we must pursue if we are to achieve development and make progress in contemporary China.

59.  世预赛下注压注盘口要掌握住以下根基请求 We should have a firm grasp of the following basic requirements...

60.  世预赛下注压注盘口必须对峙国民主体位置 We must ensure that the people maintain their principal position in the country.

61.  最普遍地带动和构造国民办理国度事件 mobilize and organize as many people as possible to manage state affairs

62.  要一直把鼎新开放精力贯彻到治国理政的各个关键 We should always apply the spirit of reform and innovation to all aspects of governance.

63.  社会公允公理 social fairness and justice

64.  慢慢成立以权力公允、机遇公允、法则公允为首要内容的社会公允保障系统 establish in due course a system for ensuring fairness in society featuring, among other things, equal rights, equal opportunities and fair rules for all

65.  公允公理是中国特点社会主义的内涵请求  Fairness and justice are an inherent requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

66.  社会协调是中国特点社会主义的实质属性 Social harmony is an inherent attribute of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

67.  保障国民同等到场、同等成长权力 ensure people’s equal right to participation in governance and to development

68.  分派轨制 system of income distribution

69.  连合统统能够连合的气力 rally all the forces that can be rallied

70.  确保国民安居乐业、社会安靖有序、国度长治久安 We should ensure that the people live and work in contentment, the society is stable and orderly, and the country enjoys enduring peace and stability.

71.  战争成长是中国特点社会主义的一定挑选 Peaceful development is the sure choice of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

72.  世预赛下注压注盘口要对峙开放的成长协作的成长双赢的成长  We should pursue development through opening up and cooperation to benefit all.


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